Breakfast at the Wolseley with Loyd Grossman

loyd grossman

Loyd Grossman

Fun last week – breakfast at the Wolseley with foodie and former TV presenter Loyd Grossman (of the big-selling line of sauces). Loyd, who, it turns out, was once a writer on The Sunday Times, was explaining why, at the age of 58, he decided to go back to university. He was sitting in a windowless, soulless TV studio one day, bored beyond belief – “I’d read all the newspapers there six times”. A switch just flipped in his brain and he made the decision to apply for an M Phil in art history at Cambridge. A bit of a brainbox, he’d wanted to formalise his interest in art for ages. Reams of forms later and he found himself with a set of rooms in Magdalene college and a timetable which involved spending hours in libraries rather than boardrooms and TV studios. All but one of his 18 fellow postgrads were in their twenties but far from feeling like a fish out of water Loyd realised that his life experience made him better able to deal with the challenges of study and socialising.

Read how he got on in today’s Sunday Times. And if you’re in later life and feel tempted to follow his lead – take heart from the latest statistics, which show that the number of over 40s doing postgraduate degrees has climbed steadily over the last few years.

Oh and what did we eat at the Wolseley? Smoked salmon, toasted bagels, washed down with Lapsang Souchong (Loyd); fruit salad and breakfast tea (me). And we saw Michael Grade power breakfasting too…

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