Bring on the boarding schools

Boarding for seven and eight year olds is downright cruel, argues George Monbiot in the Guardian. I’m not so sure after speaking to Daisy Pasternak, journalist Anna Pasternak’s daughter, who is boarding in an Oxfordshire boarding school and has been since the age of six. Daisy, now eight, loves it: housemistress shouts less than mummy, apparently, and there’s a dog on site. This is only really an option for the pretty well-off though – boarding school fees are far from cheap.
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2 Responses to Bring on the boarding schools

  1. Martin Carroll says:

    or maybe an option for children that haven’t been allowed to see their fathers for 5 years?

    • Thanks for your post. Hmmm, not sure I agree though. What do the kids want, that’s what counts, not what the parents think their rights are! But I do think very strongly that kids have the right to see both their parents and enjoy a close relationship with both mum and dad, where mum and dad are not point scoring or trying to use the child as a pawn in a battle. What counts is what kind of relationship you have with your child not how many nights they sleep with one or the other parent.

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