About Sian Griffiths

Sian Griffiths, journalist and deputy editor of News Review, Sunday Times

Sian Griffiths. Photo by Kevin Hughes

Outside the blogosphere I am deputy editor of the Sunday Times News Review and a journalist. I tweet at @siangriffiths6. My children are now in their twenties  but I’m still discovering new angles on education and parenthood in every week’s newspapers.

For a couple of decades I’ve been writing about schools – covering everything from how to find a good school, to whether teenagers are better off boarding. Why do  summer- born kids do worse at exams and what does it take to get into medical school? Why does Oxford take so many privately educated students and how can you tell if a tutor is worth the dosh?

I thought I knew quite a lot, but when I had my own kids I saw it all from a different angle. My very first decision – to use a day nursery for my toddlers –  brought opprobium lashing down.  At an interview with childcare guru Penny Leach, at the time a fierce opponent of day-care for under twos,  I ended up in tears; convinced I’d wrecked their lives before they’d even set foot in a classroom. So I thought I’d share my thoughts and experiences for any other parents muddling along out there trying to cut a way through the education maze.


One Response to About Sian Griffiths

  1. jactherat says:

    Hi – we seem to have a number of things in common – especially some of the parenting experiences and ages of children! As a teacher (and writer, not journalist, although I have written about education in journals in Oz as well as on my blog and for the Guardian Teacher’s blog now too) it has been most educational to see both sides of the fence. I can tell you that as a parent in this country I have not been impressed – and my youngest daughter attends an ‘outstanding’ school. You’re right, education is a maze and it really shouldn’t be. All the best.

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